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Andrea Kovago's Voice Studio


I have studied classical singing with Andrea for three years and this encounter was some sort of a miracle for me. After completing my bachelor degree in classical singing, I was still very uncomfortable with some aspects of my technique; Andrea has been able to pinpoint my vocal issues and help me work on it! Since then, I feel like I can finally sing with pleasure and freedom!


free lance singer/performer
Montreal, QC


Andrea was referred to me by a fellow classmate in College when I studied theatre at John Abbott College. I have been in private music lessons since the age of 7, but having moved all over the world finding the right teacher to fit my learning style had become a challenge.

I came into Andrea's first office, clean, professional and very welcoming. I felt safe to explore my voice.

Andrea has a quality about her that makes you want to surpass yourself. She brings out the best in me through the simple coaxing and coaching of my thoughts through my voice. She was able to trigger emotional responses that were able to come through in my acting whether it be in monologue or through song. I studied voice with her, and she also coached me through a monologue.

Thanks to her tutelage I got into one of the best schools in New York City. The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. There I was able to take what Andrea had taught me to another level. Without her knowledge, I would never have been able to feel confident enough to even audition. She helped me mold my raw talent into a repeatable skill.

I feel confident to be able to go out and audition thanks to her knowledge. She teaches with such joy for the art that it is impossible not to want to learn, listen and experience more with and through her. I'd recommend her to anyone, beginner or advanced to enjoy, learn and thrive thanks to her. Come take a chance on yourself, because Andrea will not let you down.


free-lance artist
North Yorkshire, EN


I was lucky to find Andrea. I had been looking into singing lessons for a while and I contacted her and was warmed by her welcome and decided to start that same day. From then on I was encouraged to push myself and explore all my voice has to offer. Her technique and exercises brought forth richness and depth and pride. I left class eager to discover more but most of all to feel more. There is a world in voice. It's an exploration that requires dedication and a trusting relationship between teacher and student. That is what Andre gives with heart and selflessness.

I would recommend her to all. Thank you for your gift, Andrea


Montreal, QC


Andrea is a very insightful, inspiring, intelligent and overall just brilliant teacher! She has helped me in so many ways, whether it was through demystifying and finally making me understand crucial elements of the singing technique that I had been struggling with for years or helping me find the sheet music for a last minute audition.

I have never felt more confident about my voice than now and I have never had as many singing contracts then since I have started taking lessons with her. She helped me find my own true voice and taught me how to sing with it healthily so it can last a lifetime. I am extremely honoured and lucky to be her student!


Dayane K. Ntibarikure
free lance singer/performer
Montreal, QC


Andrea Kovago is an excellent teacher with highly professional performing skills, comprehensive knowledge of music, and a wonderful personality. She has the rare ability to inspire students.

She has encouraged me along the way to understand specific dictation of every musical passage, as well as paying attention to harmonics and structures of musical pieces - while maintaining passion, and developing concentration to control emotion.

When I had first met Dr. Kovago, I was fascinated with her professionalism, and brilliant technique. She has taught me how important interpretation is, which has helped me understand the importance to read meanings behind the score.

I have taken lessons with her for over three years now, and she is the reason why I am able to sing in four different languages. I am grateful that I have had the privilege to meet Dr. Kovago and I will forever be appreciative of being given the opportunity to learn and understand the art of music from her own perspective.


Age 19
Montreal, QC


I love to sing. I lost that passion for a few years until I found Andrea. I started singing in my early thirty's and through a lot of practice and work thought I had a technique that had developed from a few voice teachers. I was wrong and thereafter, had given up on singing.

Andrea has revived my love and passion. She is the most passionate and dedicated person in her craft that I have encountered. I know in my heart if I had met her when I first started singing, I would have found myself pursuing a singing career. Her technique and communication about singing is what is so impressive. She cares so much about her students and always wants them to do better. She is an amazing teacher and singer.


President of EcoClean, Montreal, QC


I studied voice with Andrea in my first year of my BMus at Dalhousie University from 2005-2006 and she taught me what it means to be a great vocalist, student, performer and all around lover of music. She holds her students to a very high standard and insists on 110% effort all of the time, all the while being approachable and understanding.

She is very knowledgeable in all areas of vocal performance, particularly in the physicality of singing and diction. I thank her for teaching me the discipline I needed to complete my degree successfully, and for nurturing my love of music and performing.


BMus, MMus
Artistic Director Spiritus Community Choir


Working with Andrea has been an awesome experience for me. I have learned what singing capabilities I have rather than just mimicking other singers. I feel like she is someone I can confide in. She has adequately prepared me for auditions in NYC and I feel confident and ready to book future auditions thanks to her patience, joy and dedication to helping each one of her students.


Chanel Edwards-Frederick
Age 19
John Abbott College Theatre Student



Andrea is an excellent teacher, the best I've ever had. She provides a very comfortable and calm learning environment, and has considerable knowledge of French, German, and Italian diction, which she is more than willing to help her students with. She always listens to her students, and has an incredible amount of knowledge on how to handle different vocal and technical problems. I have an incredibly fast vibrato, which has been a source of annoyance for many of my past instructors, because they couldn't figure out how to get it to slow down. Andrea is the first instructor I met who was able to give me the tools and exercises I needed to get my vibrato under control. I don't know what I would have done without her!


Abigail McDonough
Age 20
Soprano Student


Andrea helped me immensely to discover my authentic voice. The first thing I learned was to breathe correctly and to use my body (soft palate, tongue, diaphragm etc.) to shape the vowels and consonants while singing. I gained a huge amount of confidence and am so grateful to Andrea for holding recitals. I rebelled at first and did not want to sing solos, but it was one of the best experiences of my life. Performing was such an opportunity for growth and it was wonderful to bond with the other singers in the studio. We all enjoyed seeing one another's progress and talking about singing. Andrea is a treasure and a very large loss to the Minneapolis music community.


Becky Winkelmann


Real estate consultant


Andrea Kovago is the best voice teacher I have ever worked with. She has taught me more about voice technique than anyone else in the 20 or so years that I have taken voice lessons. I never understood what "raising the soft palate" meant until she made me actually feel it. She is also very concerned about the meaning of music in our lives. She encourages her students to work towards something, a small recital, finishing a complete song cycle, and the like. She brings her students together in small studio recitals, a wonderful opportunity to perform in a relaxed and supportive environment. She will tell you when it sounds good, and she will tell you when it doesn't, and that's what a student needs. It was wonderful to work with her and I wish she had been able to stay in the US.


Jenneke Oosterhoff

Age 46


Senior Lecturer in Dutch Studies at the University of Minnesota


I have always loved music and always wished I could find a way to develop my voice correctly. Andrea began with teaching me the basics of good breathing technique, music-reading and rhythms, language exploration and then allowing me to sing and work on pieces by artists I personally enjoyed. Andrea was patient throughout this whole process, but not passive. If I did anything wrong, Andrea would quickly catch my mistake and then we worked hard at correcting it. Andrea also had us memorize songs and perform music at local churches and other locations. This helped us (the studio) get over our fear of performing in public. In Minneapolis Minnesota she developed a real musical community with all of her students. You will not find a more dedicated person in her profession or towards you as an individual if you join her studio and learn to sing under her instruction.


Mike Richardson

Age 55


Certified Public Accountant (and)

Business owner, IBM Retail Sales


When I started singing, I sang exclusively in choir. I knew I had a good voice, but one of my major problems was that I never got to sing as a soloist. Andrea helped me change this. She helped me go from being the second soprano way in the back row to doing my own solo recital, fifteen songs in five languages! She helped me develop my voice and my confidence, so now I can sing and perform far better than I ever could have if I had stayed in choir my entire career, and she introduced me to a huge range of new music and vocal competitions. I know I still have a long way to go before I'm entirely secure in my voice, but Andrea definitely gave me a great start to my vocal career.


Muriel G.
Age 16
prano Student


Andrea helped me discover a big, beautiful solo voice I never realized I had. She freed me of bad habits and bad technique I had fallen into over decades of choral singing. Andrea also gave me the confidence to give a solo recital and audition of solo opportunities in the Twin Cities. She has a way of bringing out the best in people, not merely in vocal technique but also musicality, stage presence, and self-confidence.

Yvonne Grover
Age: 47
Church musician, software quality assurance


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