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Voice & Piano Lessons
Kovago Voice Studio



Voice lessons in this studio are designed to fit your age, level of experience and musical interests. I thoroughly cover fundamental vocal techniques that stem from traditional Bel canto techniques as well as concepts from the Swedish-Italian school of singing.

I am happy to prepare students for semi-professional and professional engagements, recitals, auditions, competitions and examinations with the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) if desired.


Piano lessons are also offered in my studio for students that are beginner through to advanced. Note-learning, rhythms and basic keyboard skills are introduced to all newcomers. This study may also be appealing for those that need basic keyboard skills prior to entering into an undergradute music setting.

I prepare interested students for recitals, competitons, auditions, and RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) exams, which thoroughly cover studies in early music (Baroque), Classical, Romantic and Contemporary repertoire. Ear-training, sight-reading, interval identification, rhythm and music theory is also covered.

For those seeking to play only for fun, basic music theory is certainly covered at the beginning and then lighthearted seasonal and popular music is offered for study.


A fully comprehensive Studio Policy is available. Please contact KSV for more information.

Any lessons, either conducted on-line or in person, that are cancelled LESS THAN 1 WEEK (including the day of, or within hours before the client’s scheduled appointment) regardless of the reason, will be considered forfeited.

No makeup lesson will be considered.

  •  Students who cancel their appointment in the appropriate amount time will be given a 2-week window to book a makeup lesson. In case of sickness, students are required to cancel no less than 48 hrs. before their upcoming lesson. Serious emergencies, for which I can emphasize, will be accommodated as best as possible by finding a day (within 2 weeks after the announced absence) to re-schedule the missed lesson, if possible.

  • If another time to re-schedule is not found or not met before the end of this 2-week period, the missed lesson in question will be considered forfeited. These missed lessons will absolutely not be carried for months at a time.

  • If you miss your re-scheduled lesson for whatever reason, it will automatically be considered a forfeit and no subsequent lesson appointment shall be made.
  • Any terminations of pre-paid lessons will be dealt with on an individual basis. All lessons not taken in that paid period will be reimbursed to the client.


Students kindly requesting my presence for various scheduled events outside of their regular scheduled lesson time, such as coachings, extra rehearsals or recording sessions outside of my studio location, (but with the exception of competitions, for which I will do my best to freely attend, pending my teaching commitments and availability), or any extra work pertaining to singing, covering lesson materials or music-related consultations beyond regular studio time, and exceeding 15 minutes, whether conducted in-person or via phone/video calls, will be billed an additional fee for my time.

30 min. – $35.00

60 min. – $60.00


Sectionals available for all choral members:

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

Small Group – Minimum of 1-12 participants – Flat Rate: $120/Hr.

(fee will be divided by number of participants)

12 + singers = $10/person, each additional person will pay $10.00, beyond the first 12 people, + travel fee (.58c/km)

Full Choir Sectional – 2 hrs. = $450.00 + travel fee (.58c/km)

Singers should come musically & textually prepared

We will focus on:

Improving & learning aspects of proper Vocal Technique

Uniformity in sound and color

Learning efficient Breathing Skills

Fine-tuning Diction

Polishing musical details

Helpful hints on how to sing with spirited energy and ease


884Payments may be made by:

  • E-transfer
  • Paying in Full by Semester: 4 months (Fall, Spring, Summer)At the beginning of each semester (Fall, Spring, 4 month or 2 month durations) or, at the beginning of each month, for the semester.

Fees Effective Fall 2023 through August 2024

1 Hour          $65.00         x4          $260

45 min.         $50.00         x4          $200

30 min.         $40.00         x4          $160

Fees for one lesson OR taking LESS THAN 4 lessons in a month

1 Hour             $75.00

45 min.            $60.00

30 min.            $50.00





Additional fees will be charged to all students who plan on taking more than one week off from their usual lesson day/time.

During the regular academic year, if students are away for more than 1 week, a Lesson Retainer Fee will be charged to students, in order to secure their lesson spot.


30 min. lesson             $22.00

45 min. lesson             $28.00

60 min. lesson             $35.00

This will only apply to lessons that have not yet been paid for. It will not be on top of paid lessons. IF you will unexpectedly be away for more than 1-2 weeks and have paid for lessons in advance, these lessons will still be subject to forfeit. Please review information under Studio Policy.

As you must know, I am unable to fill this spot while you are away and I do not wish to let it sit vacant until you get back. Therefore, in order to retain your lesson spot, the following fees will be charged to all students, regardless of their reason for absence.

For more information about this or any other points of interest and a full copy of the Studio Policy please contact KVS.


If students or parents of students wish to speak with me for a period longer than 15 min. outside of a regularly scheduled lesson time, whether it be via phone or video chat, I would highly encourage booking a half hour of my time (much like a lesson appointment) to discuss important or sensitive matters that may exceed 15 minutes to discuss.  

If a student needs help or guidance with preparing a video-tape for remote competitions or auditions, students should book additional time or use their regularly scheduled lesson time to work with me on their video, while using another device concurrently, if possible.  


Enrich your Life

Why Study Voice?

Good Reason #1

A World of Reasons to Sing

By giving yourself or your child voice lessons, you will be giving the gift of confidence, joy and music appreciation that will become a valuable and cherished asset for a lifetime. More importantly, and as studies have shown, singing provides all kinds of physical and mental benefits for both children and adults. Study of a musical instrument strengthens cognitive skills as well as auditory memory and the ability to hear speech in noisy environments. Music relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety and depression.

Good Reason #2

Build Self-Esteem

In addition to the morale that a student gains from working diligently at a skill and succeeding, the positive individual attention given in private and small-group lessons or masterclasses develops and encourages self-esteem and self-worth in the student. Music shows you or your child that you and they are worthy of personal attention and that others believe in your success, most of all your teacher!

Good Reason #3

Increase Brain Function

Several studies have shown that music instruction helps students develop advanced complex hand-eye, hand-to-hand and right-left brain coordination. This greatly increases a student’s ability to multi-task and complex brain activity, spatial cognition and fine motor skilled activities such as typing and writing. Many of the world’s greatest minds were honed by their classical music playing and education.

Studies have also shown that music instruction helps students develop practical science and mathematical skills such as counting, pattern recognition and recall, geometry, ratios and proportions, fractions, sequences, time keeping and pacing, acoustics, etc…

Good Reason #4

Build Character – Increase Intelligence

Many students who study classical music develop stronger moral character, are much more likely to score high in their classes and standardized tests, and much less likely to engage in substance abuse or criminal behavior.

Any student, regardless of age, who take private piano or voice lessons develop higher IQ scores than those who do not.

Good Reason #5

Improve Speaking and Communication

Singing has shown to cause significant improvement of the quality of the speaking voice including improving clarity, tone, diction, and expression. Singing students also work on improving their facial and body expression, eye contact and confidence, and become accustomed to singing in foreign languages.

Good Reason #6

Develop Presentation and Leadership Skills

Face-to-face performance training and experience gained from singing lessons teach all students strategies for preparing, conquering  fears and anxieties and confidently delivering presentations in front of strangers, peers and critics. Poise and confidence in front of others fosters leadership and social skills.

Good Reason #7

Develop Creativity and Artistic Awareness

The skill of “thinking outside the box” has been praised as an important characteristic of successful professionals in all areas. Singing lessons help children and adults develop and use their creativity and artistic skills in a structured, universally-appreciated way.

Singing and music in general is a legitimate and appreciated medium to keep the mind creative, and helps to retain an open, positive and joyful outlook on life.

Good Reason #8

Connect with Others Through Music

Music has often been called a “universal language” for it’s incredible ability to transcend language, cultural and time constraints to communicate thoughts, ideas, emotions and impressions. Vocal music in particular, is a gateway to an endless library of musical stories, portraits, essays, manifestos and poetry that has provided inspiration to our world’s greatest minds. Vocal music in particular touches the souls of all avid listeners and passes on a rich history of those that wrote, collected their observations and sentiments about the world and our heritage as it existed before us.

Good Reason #9

 Express Yourself Through Music

Learning to sing and participating in solo or ensemble-type productions of any kind open a gateway of profound emotional education and expression as a students learns to “give voice” to the emotions of the composers and their own. When the student of any age participates in the production of quality music and really understands and connects with it, the intellect and the emotion are profoundly stimulated and the student comes away from the experience with an enriched and more meaningful life.

Good Reason #10

Heal Yourself with Music

Music has long been a considered soothing and healing practice. Studies have shown that Classical and modern art music helps heal in a number of ways including lowering blood pressure, soothing stress and chronic pain, and promoting healthy breathing. Fine Music gives the student a forum to cope with life’s challenging emotions and promotes healthy and balanced mind, body and spirit.