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Joanne Moorcroft holds a Master of Music in Accompanying and Chamber Music from the University of Western Ontario and a Bachelor of Music from Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Her teachers have included John Paul Bracey (UWO), John York, (Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London), and Maureen Volk and Kristina Szutor (MUN).  Joanne has also performed in masterclasses with David Lutz, Dalton Baldwin, Antonin Kubalek and André Laplante, and chamber music coachings with Ronald Turini.

Joanne has been heard in chamber recitals throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Quebec and the Yukon.  She has worked with KW Symphony Orchestra, the Canadian Chamber Ensemble, Huron Country Playhouse, the Stratford Festival, SOPAC and Ottawa Pocket Opera.  She has worked with many choirs in Ottawa including Harmonia Choir of Ottawa and Tone Cluster.

Joanne is a freelance accompanist and coach,and is collaborative pianist with Carleton University Choir. She collaborates and performs with many professional and amateur singers throughout the city.

Joanne Moorcroft

Cell: 613/265-7185

128 Banchory Crescent, Kanata


$25/half hr. Rehearsals

$35 – 1-2 Songs  NATS/Kiwanis/GMC

$45 – 3-4 Song   NATS/Kiwanis/GMC

$35 – Auditions of any kind

Please Note:

That the fees for accompaniment outlined here are PER OCCASION and not the totality of the pieces a student may sing through the course of the festival, for example.

In other words, each time Joanne drives over or shows up for your occasion, new payment specific to the number of pieces sung that particular day will be charged to the student/parent.

You may also find your own accompanist, but they will be considered only with specific approval from this studio/instructor.